Saturday, 22nd May, 6.45 pm
at Sri Shanmukhananda Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Aditorium, Mumbai

When you make a donation of books, clothes, vessels etc., do you wonder where these articles go ? Do you wonder if your donations do finally go to the right places, where there is actual need for it ?

Sujaya Foundation - Outstanding Institution
Dr. T. P. Lahane - Outstanding Personality
Shri Bhupinder Singh Kohli - Social Service
Ms. Grace Pinto - Education
Dr. Rajendra Mengar - Medicine
Smt. Prakriti Bhaskar - Fine Arts
Shri Vilas Godbole - Sports

As this year’s Samaj Shakti Awards function draws to an end, Mr. Jayant Lapsia, our President, has been inundated with emails and feedbacks, mostly favourable, from many quarters. Undoubtedly, despite a few, last moment glitches, the Award Ceremony was conducted in an extremely professional manner. The entire event was very smooth and the awardees were overcome with the grandeur of the moment.

The hard work of the President and his team of workers finally paid off and the auditorium was almost full to capacity. A number of sponsors gave the event a helping hand. The audience was appreciative and enjoyed every moment of the event.

Despite the success of the event, the President cautioned the Samaj members from getting too complacent and losing sight of our goal; serving society. He urges the members to keep a total commitment and a constant involvement in Samaj activities. Now is the time to start planning the next edition of Samaj Shakti Awards, he asserts. Now is the time for introspection.

Kudos to our President and his team.