Shankaralayam Sanstha

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Srimad Bhagavatha Saptaha - 13 to 20 Nov. 2011 - Click Here

The Shankaralayam Sanstha fosters the spirit of devotion in the members of Shree Hariharaputra Bhajan Samaj. It is this religious sentiment that binds them together, through community prayers, Satsang, Bhajan and Namasankirtan, discourses, communal celebrations of popular festivals, organized pilgrimages and the much-awaited annual visit of members to Sabarimalai. The Sanstha inculcates and develops a sense of secularism and this encourages the members to work in the interest of public good. The Sanstha plays host to many saints and swamis visiting Mumbai. The members eagerly volunteer to serve the honoured guests, aiding them in holding camps and discourses.

Sri Ayyappa, Sri Ekambreshwar and Devi Kamakshi are the three deities installed in the Prayer Hall. On 20th January, 2002, the glorious Pratishtha of the three deities and Kumbhabhishekam festivities were held in a befitting manner. The beautiful deities attract thousands of devotees who visit the temple complex daily for darshan. At the entrance are two small temples of Sri Hanuman and Sri Ganesha.

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