Career Guidance Seminar 2012 at Samaj By Prof RSS Mani

Prof RSS Mani outlined the traditional and emerging careers to the audience and shared guidelines on how to prepare for the same. He also answered many questions that were posed by the participants. Outlined below is a gist of the important points shared by Prof Mani.

Step 1: Plan your child's Career
All parents should ensure that they discuss the aspirations of their children with them. This is best done after they complete their Std. IX or during Std. X and have to decide further. Fortunately today, career options go much beyond Medicine and Engineering. Caution should be exercised such that the parents do not force careers of their choice on the children or their vocation e.g. doctor, lawyer etc. A patient and empathetic ear lent to children at this stage can go a long way in shaping their career. Besides, careers in Arts and Commerce, too, have become equally rewarding today; more than ever before.

Step 2: Visit a Career Counselor
It is expected that in every household there will be multiple opinions on the career track the child should take up. This often results in opinions being forced on the child and thus a lot of uncertainty and confusion. It is here that a vocational or a career choice test could be of great use to determine the future. The advantage here is that that the counselor can give a dispassionate opinion, based on the facts of the case and the best possible option.

Step 3: Develop Communication Skills
One of the most important skills the youngsters should develop is the ability of expression. Very often, many students know various things but fail miserably because they are unable to express their thoughts with clarity. Students should be encouraged to develop oral communication skills. Efforts in the above direction will also make the students extrovert and make them move freely.

Step 4: Develop Overall Personality
In today's competitive world, the person who succeeds is the one who has multiple skills under his belt. Specialization in an area is important, but one should not be an over-specialist. It is useful to inculcate inter-personal skills; teamwork skills to all children. These go a long way in boosting confidence and building better impression on those around. It is required that the parents encourage the child to actively participate in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities at school and college levels. It is here that they learn valuable lessons of competitiveness and sportsmanship.

Step 5: Increase their Computer Literacy
Today's world is heavily computer driven and this skill would be a tremendous value addition to children. It is strongly recommended that children should be exposed to as much of computer skills and techniques. If they are interested, computer software is an excellent field to be in; else the value addition so acquired could enrich the student to a great degree. Personal computers have become very affordable and could provide an unlimited world of learning to students, via floppies and CDs. The Internet, too, is an infinite universe of learning opportunity.

To summarize, careers are made by conscious planning.
One should never choose careers because they are popular or easy but choose the right career for the right person. Let us remember that if careers are not planned, they may go haywire. Besides, the latent potential that people possess may remain subdued and suppressed.