Collection & Distribution

Latest update in May 2010
Summer Camp for the underprivileged - Conducted by Prayaas (NGO)
Supported by Shri Hariharaputra Bhajan Samaj - Donation of T-shirts and food

When you make a donation of books, clothes, vessels etc., do you wonder where these articles go ? Do you wonder if your donations do finally go to the right places, where there is actual need for it ?

Thanks to the initiative taken by Prof Mani, we are enabled to list here the organizations that have been the happy recipients of your generosity, during the recent Samaj’s Collection Drive.

Prayaas, an NGO working with families of AIDS affected victims - received clothes, assorted foodstuff and utensils

MHM Orphanage for Girls, Ghatkopar - received toys, indoor games, story books, children’s clothes and crockery

After Care Hostel, Chembur – received clothes and books

Nasrugi Trust Day-Care Centre for slum kids and youth - received clothes, toys and story books

Silver Innings Foundation for the care of the elderly - received clothes, medicines, mattresses and books

Utkarsh, an NGO working for the education of slum kids in Reay Road - Sewri area - received clothes, story books and toys

Jankalyan Ashram, Panvel - received religious books and music cassettes

Dharam Bharathi Mission