Report by the President on the events of 4th September, 2011

Dear Friends,
At the outset, I wish to sincerely thank each and every one of you for having reposed your immense faith and Sanstha in me and the Managing Committee, by re-electing me and the Managing Committee unanimously for the year 2011-2012, at the AGM held on Sunday, 4th September, 2011. As committed at the AGM, we assure you of our dedicated and selfless efforts in pursuing all activities, events and functions in right earnest and also ensure that the image of our Samaj soars to greater heights.

The second annual programme of Inter School Elocution Competition was held on the same day, followed by Felicitation and Honouring of 32 Senior Municipal School Teachers. This event was a great success, with 32 secondary school students participating in a fierce competition. Srividya Krishnananda Sabha was full; the students and parents thoroughly enjoyed themselves. After the competition, 32 Senior Municipal School Teachers were felicitated, in the presence of students, parents and well-wishers. The response was very good and the whole event was highly appreciated by all. The teachers were truly touched by our gesture.

As part of this glorious event, Prof. RSS Mani introduced a new concept of doing away with plastic (Say NO to Plastic) and using cloth, woven and jute bags. He had brought sufficient samples of these alternatives, which were distributed to all.

Premlata Sunderesh did a superb job in conceptualizing and organizing this event, with the help of Prof. Mani. Our volunteers, viz. Shantha, Sheila, Savita, Saraswatii, Meera, Rajeshwari, Paramesh, Veeraghavan, P.S. Subramaniam, Narayan K., V. Raman, KNG.Nathan, Advait & Ananya, son and daughter of Prof.Mani and Ashwin did an excellent job in ensuring the success of the event.

With warm regards,
Jayyannt Lapsiaa